Our newest project is ‘Forgotten Spaces’.

It’s really important for wildlife conservation to gain a full picture of species’ distributions across our area. However, some geographical areas are largely forgotten when it comes to recording – these are our ‘Forgotten Spaces.’

Each space is a 1km grid square, i.e. a 4-figure grid reference (e.g. SJ2756) within VC58 for which no data, little data or not a lot of variety in the data since 2010. Therefore, we would like to encourage wildlife recording efforts into these specific areas to help us fill in the gaps.

We have developed three aims for this project listed according to their importance:

  • Identifying and recording Unrecorded areas
  • Identifying and recording Under-recorded areas
  • Identifying and recording Under-recorded species
Unrecorded areas
These are areas where we hold no data at all since 2010. Therefore, any record from these particular areas is very much appreciated!
Under-recorded areas
These are areas where we only hold a few records per 1km grid square. We have created different categories (i.e. 1-10 records, 11-50 records etc.) and will systematically work through these groups starting with those with the lowest number of records first.
Under-recorded species
Closely linked to the Under-recorded areas, there might be areas with hundreds or thousands of records. However, we do not know whether these records are all from the same species, or how varied this data is. Therefore, we will have a closer look at the data and aim to focus on those species groups where records are lacking.

We will be starting off with the Unrecorded areas and will release one ‘forgotten space’ per local authority area (i.e. Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Wirral, Halton and Warrington) each month. We’ll keep you up-to-date via our mailing list and social media streams (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) so that you will be able to see what impact your recording has had.

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