RECORD is the Local Environmental Records Centre (LERC) for Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral.

We are a wildlife conservation organisation and our main role is to collect and manage information on the natural environment from this area. Most of this information comes in the form of biological records, but we also hold information on habitats. We aim to make this information available to those who need it locally so that it can contribute to understanding of local biodiversity and ultimately to the protection of species and habitats.

Our work is supported and underpinned by the help of volunteers and a wide network of partner organisations, experts and wildlife recorders across the region. We’re always really keen to encourage and help others to connect with the natural world, get involved with recording and gain knowledge of species identification and biology. We are a member of The Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC).

Our mission is to:

Further the appreciation, understanding and protection of the Cheshire region’s wildlife and habitats.

We aim to:

We cover this area:


RECORD - Local Environmental Records Centre,
Cedar House,
Caughall Road,

01244 383749
Charity number: 1095859
Company number: 04046886
VAT number: 455 8632 62

An ALERC member

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